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Bitcoin will proceed to be treated spil an asset unless there are future revisions or directives to Japanese tax law.” According to universal law rigid DLA Piper, the amended Payment Services Act, which is part of the Banking Act, defines a digital currency spil “property of value,” that is usable for payment to unspecified persons, and is purchasable from and sellable to unspecified persons.

Japan’s Government has long bot working on a bill to amend its Banking Act, accounting for switches to the economy stemming from the growth of telecommunications technologies. Last week, the …Read more

To that end, bitFlyer’s U.S.

The Japanese cryptocurrency exchange bitFlyer picked a good day to expand to the United States. With bitcoin bumping against a fresh all-time high price of $Ten,000 — it has cracked …Read more

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The company’s COO Bartek Ringwelski told Bitcoin Tv-programma : “bitFlyer is the only startup te the event, and wij have only raised $36mm since 2014, but wij have deep expertise te blockchain technology through our potencial currency exchange (the largest te the world by volume, including margin trading) and our ‘miyabi’ product.” By way of comparison, Hitachi posted $83 billion ter revenue te 2016, Fujitsu posted $47 billion on 2015 and NTT Gegevens posted $15 billion ter 2016.

While China tightens its houvast on its cryptocurrency community, Japan is openly embracing cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, legalizing bitcoin, and encouraging and funding blockchain research. Even Japan’s banks are onboard, …Read more