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Bitcoin Wallet

A. Our fees are elementary! User-to-user transactions within are free and have no transaction toverfee. They are also instant, with no confirmation delays. It’s the best value! A. The …Read more

BicCamera, Bitcoin

BicCamera. Bitcoin is available ter com! Order amount of money is available for shopping to 100,000 yen (tax-included) . The Bitcoin settlement uses system of bitFlyer company. Account establishment te …Read more

Bit Flyer

About BitFlyer is the world’s largest Bitcoin exchange operating ter Japan, Europe, and the US. The exchange transacted overheen $100 billion of volume globally te and has the highest trading …Read more

The company’s COO Bartek Ringwelski told Bitcoin Tv-programma : “bitFlyer is the only startup te the event, and wij have only raised $36mm since 2014, but wij have deep expertise te blockchain technology through our potencial currency exchange (the largest te the world by volume, including margin trading) and our ‘miyabi’ product.” By way of comparison, Hitachi posted $83 billion ter revenue te 2016, Fujitsu posted $47 billion on 2015 and NTT Gegevens posted $15 billion ter 2016.

While China tightens its houvast on its cryptocurrency community, Japan is openly embracing cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, legalizing bitcoin, and encouraging and funding blockchain research. Even Japan’s banks are onboard, …Read more